How to grieve after abortion and why you should

Cradle My Heart Radio features the National Memorial for the Unborn on December 1

[UPDATE: 12-9-13 podcast posted]

I had an extraordinary experience recently as I attended the funeral of an infant who was born and died the same day. He lived just over 9 hours. The family was crushed but not broken, held together by unshakeable faith in the goodness of God in the love of Jesus Christ.

At the same church on the  day of the baby’s funeral, there was also the funeral of a woman who lived to be one hundred years old.

It was an amazing thing to think that these two lives were equally valuable in God’s sight. And while the death of a infant or a not-yet-born child is always devastating, the mercy of a memorial goes a long way to helping the healing. As we make our memorials at the death of our loved ones, we remember God’s mercy means that our grief is not without hope; we take comfort in acknowledging the seasons of life which impact us all; we find our divided sorrow becomes easier to bear.


Parents of children lost to abortion need these healing practices too. Taking a step of giving honor and dignity to our children helps us heal from the damage of having harmed them.

But few of us will find that path and take that step without someone pointing the way.

The National Memorial for the Unborn was created to meet the need for closure and healing in our hearts. We’ll welcome Kristin Smith to share the vision and history of this sacred space, as well as an invitation for you to create a memorial for your child lost to abortion, miscarriage or stillbirth.

Join us on Cradle My Heart Radio with Kim Ketola and our guest from the National Memorial on Sunday December 1

Kim Ketola



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