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Leslee Unruh

For various reasons I resisted the “prolife” label in the beginning of my healing journey out of the prochoice mindset. My understanding of the prolife position was based on the talking points of Big Abortion. They claimed the high ground of giving women choice and protecting their rights while accusing prolifers of playing politics with women’s lives and even advocating forced birth.

The problem with combatting the abortion industry’s deceptive and overheated rhetoric is that prolife outreach is not one single thing. It ranges from ministry to women in need to policy to protect the unborn. Prolife means preventing abortion through the pregnancy help movement of pregnancy resource centers. Prolife also means preventing pregnancy through abstinence education. Prolife means helping restore women broken by abortion through offering postabortion ministry.

And yes, prolife means influencing policy as a means of protecting both women and children from the harm abortion does. Prolife means favoring legislation restricting non-therapeautic abortion. [Correction and Clarification 11-15-13 from blog author Kim Ketola: “Therapeuatic abortion” in this post refers to the most narrow definition: elective procedures when the life of the mother is medically at risk. It has also been more broadly applied by others to encompass non-life-threatening elective procedures and elective procedures due to poor fetal diagnoses. Neither I nor my guests endorse nor have advocated for the latter categories. A more correct summary of the spirit and breadth of prolife work at the legislative level is to simply say “Prolife means getting involved in legislation.”] The reality is that the need to work on policy is a response to the political maneuvering which made abortion legal in the first place.

Leslee Unruh embodies the prolife mindset–having served in almost every capacity listed above. And more. She is a nationally known media guest for her expertise in the abstinence education arena. She is also the founder and director of Alpha Center a local pregnancy center in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. And she influenced policy through the Vote Yes for Life Campaign which sought to ban abortion outright in South Dakota. And she tends a memorial garden as a place of solace for parents grieving their children lost to the abortion choice.

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