Saying goodbye to the child we never met

Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes Father Frank Pavone on Sunday 9-8-13

How do you say goodbye to someone you never met?

[UPDATE: podcast posted 9-9-13]

That is the problem at the heart of the grief and loss issues we face as parents of deceased children due to elective abortion. The solution is to rely on the rituals and rites which comfort us in any time of loss.

Yet the idea of parents entering into grieving children they willfully destroyed is difficult to accept. But by the grace of God, who forgives us and welcomes our children home to heaven, the act of a memorial changes things. It changes us. No matter the circumstances of his or her death, each child deserves to be remembered and laid to rest. I wrote Cradle My Heart in part to highlight this key element of healing.

Nationall Memorial for the Unborn

National Memorial for the Unborn

Many organizations help parents who have learned to love our children too late. By offering a time and place to memorialize the children, these groups help us confer honor and dignity on each child. The National Memorial for the Unborn in Chattanooga, Tennesee offers a garden and a memorial wall where parents can place a plaque in honor of a child who was aborted, miscarried or stillborn. The gates and the doors are always open, and I can personally attest to the sense of peace and calm which permeates the place–especially striking given the history of abortion which took place on that ground prior to the founding of the Memorial.

Now, there is also a National Day of Remembrance planned for September 14. Father Frank Pavone of Priests for Life is organizing events taking place at locations nationwide in cooperation with Citizens for a Pro-Life Society [warning: links to abortion images], and the Pro-Life Action League.

Fr. Frank Pavone

Fr. Frank Pavone

We’ll welcome Fr. Pavone to Cradle My Heart Radio to talk about the value of setting aside time to mourn the loss of the children, and the healing which comes as we do. If you fear you are not ready for a public expression of your grief, I encourage you to listen in for ideas on ways to mark the day as a time to begin your healing after abortion. Even a special time of prayer can be a meaningful beginning.

I was blessed to be able to memorialize my child lost to abortion through a Conquerors group in Minneapolis where I lived at the time. (You can find similar groups through the National Helpline for Abortion Recovery or Abortion Recovery InterNational.) When we moved to Georgia, I attended the silent memorial March for Life through downtown Atlanta as a way to honor my Immanuel Luke. Both experiences were profound and each brought new levels of understanding the mercy of God and the true meaning of hope. But . . . the presence of signs at the March and the starting point at the state Capitol left me longing for a more spiritual setting.

I believe this National Day of Remembrance will provide that to all who attend the local events or participate in any way at all.

Join us to learn the details on how to participate this Sunday night 9-10 pm ET on Cradle My Heart Radio with Kim Ketola

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