Love in Action: Pregnancy Help Centers

Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes John Devlin on Sunday August 18

Heartbeat International serves and equips pregnancy help centers

Heartbeat International at the 2013 March for Life

[UPDATE: podcast posted 8-19-13]

Pregnancy help centers are the best kept secret in the church today. They are providing a true alternative to abortion for women who experience an unwanted or unintended pregnancy. I have been blessed to know people who serve in this ministry, and I can attest to the care and love they offer their clients.

Heartbeat International is only one of many groups equipping pregancy centers. (Pictured left is a group from Heartbeat International at the 2013 March for Life. That’s me bundled up with the pink hood standing below the banner). Care Net, Birthright, Total Life Care Centers and others work to help establish and support centers in the US and worldwide. And this approach works! Lives are being saved and hope restored to those hurt by abortion every day because of the unselfish and often unfunded work of women and men who serve the pregnancy help movement.

John Devlin is one such servant. He started his career as a carpenter at age eighteen, was promoted to superintendent at age twenty-seven, eventually building retail stores and industrial buildings in all fifty states. He put those talents to good use when, around 1990 he became involved in the Pro Life work. He currently serves as the Chairman of the Board of the Caring House, in Griffin, Georgia, a ministry providing advice and aid to pregnant women in need. Caring House also offers postabortion ministry.

Mr. Devlin also helped establish another local pregnancy center where he served as president, fund Raiser and custodian for more than fifteen years. He is also a school bus driver and a volunteer mentor in his local public schools. This is what it is to be a person who supports life– not only stepping in to help with the pressing needs of those facing an unintended pregnancy, but also rolling up our sleeves to keep a ministry growing, all while contributing to the community through work and volunteering.

Join us for an inspiring story of seeing God move in the lives of those John Devlin has served.

Listen on Sunday August 18 at 9pm ET as Cradle My Heart Radio with Kim Ketola welcomes John Devlin

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