Why you still don’t know about the Abortion Breast Cancer link

Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes bioethicist and breast cancer researcher Eve Sanchez Silver on Sunday August 11

Eve Sanchez Silver

Eve Sanchez Silver

[UPDATE: 8-12-13 podcast posted]

Eve Sanchez Silver is a woman who, like me, was soundly prochoice in her worldview as a teen and twenty-something. Her two abortions and subsequent breast cancer were only part of the journey to rejecting abortion and  working to expose the many lies at the heart of prochoice organizations.

Silver was a breast cancer researcher with the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation (aka Race for the Cure, now Susan G. Komen for the Cure), which officially denies abortion as a risk factor for developing breast cancer. Silver’s understanding of Komen’s funding and affiliation with Planned Parenthood caused her to resign the organization‘s Hispanc-Latino Advisory Committee in 2004, well before the highly publicized 2012 debacle between the two organizations. In 2012, Komen withdrew funds from Planned Parenthood. Karen Handel. the leader who made that decision resigned and went on to write a book about the incident. Planned Parenthood cashed in with a $3 million fundraising campaign which successfully spun PP as underdog even though PP’s estimated net assets of $1.2billion more than doubles that of Komen’s $400 million. Silver is exceptionally well-qualified to shed light on what happened and why.

Eve Silver now serves as Founder and Director the International Coalition of Color for Life, mobilizing women of color to reject abortion in order to protect their own health as well as the lives of their children. The Los Angeles Times reported on how Silver’s work impacts Komen and beyond.

As a Medical Research Analyst, Silver helps audiences understand not only the scientific evidence for the links between abortion and breast cancer (ABC), but also the political reasons why the ABC link remains controversial in the face of such strong evidence.

From her bio:

Eve Sanchez Silver is a dynamic Motivational Speaker. She is a family life, peer to peer, crisis intervention speaker and trainer. Eve Silver is a Medical Research Analyst, who lectures internationally with a focus on health care disparities affecting minority women, the recently conceived, and the physiological pathways of the Abortion-Breast Cancer link. She is Founder/Director of the International Coalition of Color for Life and of Clear Research LLC, which provides support for translational research goals and strategic planning in the basic sciences and of Cinta Latina the educational arm of Clear Research which focuses on minority health risk information and education. Ms. Silver is a bioethicist, monitoring international theoretical and clinical health regulations policy, with a focus on minority women, pre-term birth risks and the Abortion-Breast cancer link. She is a member of the American Medical Writers Association and a member of the Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity.

Ms. Silver was a founding, charter member of the Hispanic Latina Advisory Council of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, (now Race for the Cure). Eve Silver resigned when she learned of SGK’s financial affair with Planned Parenthood, an international organization that kills people. Ms. Silver has partnered with many organizations including: the Army Medical Research and Materiel Command, the Department of Defense, The National Cancer Institute, and Harvard University. She is a founding member of the National Breast Cancer and the Environment Research Group.

Eve Silver is a 2006 recipient of the Maya Angelou Phenomenal Woman Award and a member of Do No Harm, an international bioethics group.

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