Competing with abortion head-on

Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes Kathleen Eaton Bravo on Sunday, August 4 at 9 pm ET/6pm PT

Kathleen Bravo

Kathleen Bravo

[UPDATE:  8-12-13 podcast posted]

Kathleen Eaton Bravo is a visionary fighter–and she’s winning a crucial battle for the lives of women and children in California and beyond.

Her story is a dramatic tale of redemption and hope. After undergoing a traumatic abortion in a filthy facility, she staggered outside to find her car had a flat tire. She sunk to the curb and cried out to God, vowing to help others escape what she had just experienced if only He would give her the chance. Thus began a journey which has come to fruition in a completely new model for those contending for women in problem pregnancies. Taking the outreach beyond the typical pregnancy help center, Kathleen has developed medical clinics competing head-to-head with Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry.

I’m greatly encouraged and I know you will be too–even if you feel the abortion experience (and the people in your life) kicked you to the curb, you can stand up and fight back.

Here’s more on Kathleen’s organization from a recent press release:

About Birth Choice Health Clinics:  Since converting from a pregnancy resource center to its current medical model just seven years ago, Birth Choice Health Clinics (BCHC) has become a viable life-affirming alternative to commercial reproductive health service providers. Owned and operated clinics currently include seven locations, six fixed and one mobile. Since opening our doors in 1981 we have impacted the lives of over 200,000 young people, with nearly 58,000 client visits since becoming licensed medical clinics in 2007. This success has resulted in repeated requests for expansion of the BCHC clinic model throughout Southern California and beyond.  Being led by God, we provide caring, high quality and comprehensive reproductive health services consistent with the inherent value of every person.

Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes Kathleen Eaton Bravo on Sunday, August 4 at 9 pm ET/6pm PT.

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