Helping men take heart after abortion

Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes counselor and professor Greg Hasek

Greg Hasek

Greg Hasek

[UPDATE: podcast posted 7-30-13]

Greg Hasek is a professional counselor whose comprehensive approach spans marriage and family issues and tackles the tough problems men face due to pornography, sexual addiction and abortion.

We’ll discuss several ideas from this article posted on his counseling website:

Men Hurt Too! They Cry Alone. Men often grieve differently than women regarding the loss of their child due to an abortion decision. There are several reasons why. A few include: God created men differently in how they process emotion and grief, and in addition our culture has conditioned men since birth that they are to be strong and not show weakness. No where in our society is there a model that it is okay for men to grieve outwardly, regarding the loss of their child due to an abortion decision. The “church” is not even a place where men can go to find that it is okay to show weakness in their loss.

It’s time for all men who have lost a child or the chance to be a father, to come to terms with those feelings in a safe environment. Don’t be fooled by society that says you shouldn’t grieve. You may be experiencing Post Abortion Syndrome. You may have feelings such as guilt, shame and anger. You may have trouble bonding with your children, your spouse or God. You could be like many who have denied their feelings, and choose some form of addiction in order to cope and keep those feelings from surfacing. Your marriage may be suffering due to anger, which is the result of unresolved grief from a past abortion. In fact you may have never connected your current symptoms with your past involvement in an abortion. This is very common for men to present with symptoms such as a sexual addiction or anger that often have as one of their roots, a past abortion. Creating an awareness of this relationship is often the first step toward healing.

Greg Hasek is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Professor in the Graduate Counseling Program at George Fox University. He is also the Executive Director of the Christian non-profit agency Misty Mountain Family Counseling Center in Portland, Oregon. Greg is a national speaker with The Men and Abortion Network creating awareness and healing for men who have lost a child due to abortion. His topics include: Post Abortion Healing for Couples: A Family Systems PerspectiveUnrecognized Post Abortive Grief in Males and the Link to Sexual Addiction; and The Secret Destroyer of Marriage: Unresolved Abortion Related Trauma. His recent work includes studying the impact abortion and sex addiction has on the divorce rate, especially within the church. Greg has also developed a training program to help pastors and church leaders understand the impact abortion has on men and women, and how to create a healing culture within the church.

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