Overcoming infertility after abortion

Cradle My Heart Radio tackles the tough issue of infertility after abortion this Sunday June 23 at 9 pm ET.

Join us  for hope and encouragement as we welcome Julie Weber, Director of Liberate Ministries.

Julie Weber

Julie Weber

[UPDATE: podcast posted 6-24-13]

Julie shares an encouraging story of overcoming the physical impact of abortion including anemia, bulimia and a Pelvic Inflammatory Disease reaction so severe she was left sterile.

Emotionally, she was shattered from the shame, guilt and self-hatred for having committed a sin in making the abortion choice. These unresolved feelings led to a vicious cycle with the bulimia, isolation and depression. And carrying this baggage into her marriage kept Julie and her husband living one step away from a divorce.

Although Julie suffered physically and emotionally after abortion, she has found spiritual healing leading to a resolution of her problems.

Today, Julie is a leader, helping women overcome the pain of abortion. She is a writer and speaker and state representative for Operation Outcry.

Join us Sunday at 9 pm ET for Julie’s story of encouragement and hope on Cradle My Heart Radio with Kim Ketola. Click here to listen online and find station listings.

Kim Ketola



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