Rachel’s Vineyard’s Theresa Burke guests on May 19

Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes Rachel’s Vineyard founder Dr. Theresa Burke on Sunday May 19 at 9 p ET

Dr. Theresa Burke

Dr. Theresa Burke

[UPDATE: podcast posted 5-21-13]

Dr. Theresa Burke was leading women in a support group for eating disorders when she discovered that every woman in the group had an abortion in her past. [CORRECTION: six of the group’s eight women had abortions.] That insight was somewhat unwelcome with her superiors, yet the seeds were planted in her heart to do something about the fact that abortion was taking a tremendous toll on the emotional and spiritual lives of the women who choose it. Dr. Burke shares this story in her book Forbidden Grief: The Unspoken Pain of Abortion.

The vision to help women heal from abortion was fulfilled as Dr. Burke and her husband Kevin founded Rachel’s Vineyard which has now grown to over 700 retreats annually, presented in 48 states and 25 countries. Rachel’s Vineyard is the world’s largest ministry of healing after abortion and is based on the extensive research Theresa and Kevin and others have done regarding the nature of trauma and how to heal from it.

Dr. Burke’s approach to postabortion healing combines psychological insights with the profound power of the Word of God, whichforbidden grief participants encounter in “Living Scriptures,” exercises in which they place themselves in the settings of the Biblical stories of forgiveness and redemption.

You’ll also have a chance to win a free copy of Forbidden Grief when you call with a question on comment!

Join us for Cradle My Heart Radio with Kim Ketola and our guest Dr. Theresa Burke this Sunday at 9

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