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Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes Julie Ziglar Norman Sunday May 5 at 9 pm

Julie Ziglar Norman and her dad, Zig

Julie Ziglar Norman and her dad Zig

[UPDATE: podcast posted 5-6-13]

Julie Ziglar Norman shared the Get Motivated platform with her legendary father, motivational icon Zig Ziglar, for several years before becoming the dynamic, disarming and refreshingly transparent inspirational speaker and author she is today.

Her unique experience of being raised by the motivators’ motivator has given her a perspective on life and work that keeps her audiences laughing, crying and taking notes.

And for those of us impacted personally by abortion, Julie provides a special measure of grace, encouragement and hope. As she shares her story, you will be blessed by the loving example of a father’s love as a picture of God’s love for you, yes, even after abortion.

From Julie’s bio:

Continuing her father’s Legacy of Encouragement is an honor and a privilege that Julie never expected or sought but her willingness to accept the challenge is inspiring audiences in America and abroad. Her vibrant style of delivery, her honest and transparent assessment of life, and her willingness to share intimate details of personal failures, as well as personal triumphs, has made her a popular crowd favorite.

As her famous father once did, Julie has shared the platform with greats like General Colin Powell, Rudy Giuliani, President George W. Bush, Laura Bush, Dr. Robert Schuller, Joe Montana, Lou Holtz, Steve Forbes, Sarah Palin, Goldie Hawn, Bill Cosby and many others.

Julie was her father’s editor for almost 20 years and her life experience as the poster child for bad choices enables her to minister to women seeking to trade a life peppered with guilt and shame, addiction, failure, fear, regret and anger for a life filled with love, joy and peace

Julie has been kind to provide complimentary copies of her book for listeners of Cradle My Heart Radio. julie ziglar norman book

Growing Up Ziglar: A Daughter’s Broken Path from Heartache to Hope is Julie’s testament to God’s power to redeem our worst choices as we are warmed by our faith in His love. Be sure to join us for the live broadcast for your chance to win.

Listen this Sunday May 5 9-10 pm ET for Julie Ziglar Norman on Cradle My Heart Radio with Kim Ketola

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