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Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes Linda Cochrane on Sunday 4-14-13

Linda Cochrane

Linda Cochrane

[UPDATE: podcast posted 4-15-13]

Few people have done as much to advance the cause and care of women hurt by abortion than Linda Cochrane.

Linda’s Bible study “Forgiven and Set Free” has been published for seventeen years and translated into six languages, including Spanish, Vietnamese, Russian and Romanian.

I found my healing through a study using a different curriculum (Conquerors), and there are now at least a dozen other tried-and-true curricula, the format and group interaction as well as the intensive Scripture study presented in Linda’s book broke the ground as the first post-abortion recovery program ever developed. Hundreds of Care Net pregnancy centers offer  post-abortion recovery programs using Linda’s material. She also co-authored “Healing a Father’s Heart,” a post-abortion Bible study for men. It is estimated  that over 13,000 women and men completed one of these studies annually.

Currently, Linda is the National Consultant on Post-Abortion Recovery at Care Net and the Executive Director of the Hopeline Pregnancy Center in Danbury, Connecticut. A registered nurse specializing in psychiatric and public health nursing, Linda has served in pregnancy centers for the past twenty-three years and has taught abortion recovery seminars on the local and national level since 1987.

For a sense of the clarity Linda brings to godly solutions to the problem of post-abortion pain check out her responses on abortion counseling on Issue Clash from NPR.

We’ll also be joined by Nancy Kingston, Executive Director of Atlanta Pregnancy Resource Center to talk about their upcoming Mother-Daughter Tea for moms and their daughters aged 13 and up. safe_imageI’m excited about this event, because for the first time ever, I will be speaking with my daughter, Addie!

Our theme is To Be Honest… and it’s a look back at our relationship with humor and affection. Addie, 26, is a high achiever and strong young woman of faith who traveled the world as a missionary at age 24. She is also now a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LADC)  helping adults with addiction and chemical dependency issues.

We’ll recall some of the challenges we faced as mother/daughter when Addie reached her tweens and teens. Stay tuned for more on this event, and if you’re in Atlanta–join us!

Listen Sunday 4-14-13 9-10 p ET as Cradle My Heart Radio with Kim Ketola brings you Linda Cochrane.

Kim Ketola



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