Abortion hurts siblings – Renee’s Story

Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes “Renee”, author of  Surviving Siblings, who recently shared her story on CNN.

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You’ll meet a young woman who vividly portrays how abortion impacted her family and her young adulthood. And we’ll share ideas about some safe ways of breaking the silence within your family too.

Renee’s experience reminds me of another young woman’s story. She was 15 when read about her mother’s abortion while browsing the family’s computer files. It was a shattering experience, yet her first action was to get up, go to her room and light a candle for the lost half-brother or half-sister she never met. She told me, “I remember my grandmother doing that in church when things were really dark and hopeless. It comforted me even though I didn’t really know why I wanted to go and light that candle. It was a confusing time and I knew I needed faith to get through it.”

Here are Renee’s words from her blog to those who are thinking of abortion and those who already chose it:

Admittedly, before finding out about mom’s abortion, I gave little thought to the the whole issue beyond feeling it was wrong, and wondering why anyone would choose it (for the most part). But after hearing her story, it made me realize how hard it was for her. It was during a very dark time in her life, and I could see that nearly 11 years later she was still hurting from it. It also made me remember that I had heard her speaking to a young woman about abortion with such conviction, never knowing that she was speaking from first hand experience. This girl was convinced and has become very prolife since then.

I am so grateful that Renee is stepping out to speak to those who are hurt in the aftermath of abortion within their own families. Making the decision to tell your child about abortion in your past is not something women take lightly. So many questions arise:

  • Will this knowledge hurt my child?
  • Is it wrong to disillusion my child/ren about my image as their mother or father?
  • Will my child struggle with feeling unsafe or strange?
  • How might this impact the child’s thinking about abortion? Could this lead to acting out sexually or in other ways?

Abortion is a deeply damaging event in the life of the surviving siblings according to Dr. Philip Ney who has identified many psychological and medical problems siblings suffer.

Renee will help us understand how one family met the challenges head on–how they are finding and living in God’s grace.

Join us Sunday 3-3-13 for Renee’s Story on Cradle My Heart Radio at 9 p ET

Kim Ketola


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    March 9, 2013

    So grateful for sharing God’s on Cradle My Heart.

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    March 17, 2013

    Thanks again for helping us understand the sweet love God has worked out in your family and your ministry!



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