Reality series helps women after abortion

[UPDATE: 1/15/13 Cradle My Heart Radio Podcast added]

When producer Cecil Stokes first told me about his new internet reality series, I was intrigued. He would present a post-abortion healing group, live and uncensored on Surrender the Secret.

I must admit that I would have been extremely reluctant to let the world know my story before my healing took place, so I applaud those involved for working out a safe space and healthy ground rules to be able to present the reality of what it looks like to work through the abortion experience for the purpose of healing our hearts.

The series is now ready to debut on January 22nd. This Sunday we will meet Jill and Kelly, two of the women who will participate in the group.

Jill from Surrender the Secret

Jill from Surrender the Secret

I think the presence of this program represents the fruition of the tipping point on abortion I sensed two years ago–as millions of women now come forward for help after suffering the pain and isolation abortion brings. As I noted then:

Abortion providers and their advocates coming alongside the broken and wounded women who got sold a “right to choose” would have to admit they’re causing harm. To do so would be to radically revise their agenda, and their agenda is all they’ve got. There is no heart at the heart of the abortion rights movement. In fact, right now the abortion lobby group, NARAL is engaged in a concerted effort in many states to close down pregnancy resource centers, which are non-profit community outreach efforts offering compassionate, effective after-care.

Join us for a preview of something truly new God is doing to heal those hurting and bring them to a new place of hope.

Kim Ketola



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