Former Abortionist Carol Everett Guests on Cradle My Heart 11-11-12

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Carol Everett

Carol Everett went from abortion profiteer to profoundly defending life. Here is her story in her own words from Carol’s Bio:

My name is Carol Everett, I am the founder and president of The Heidi Group, and I had an abortion in 1973 shortly after the landmark decision for Roe v. Wade. Lured by the substantial income and driven by the subconscious desire to justify my own abortion decision, I spent 6 years selling abortions to other women in four abortion clinics in Dallas/Fort Worth. After 35,000 abortions, the death of one woman and surgery on 19 other patients, God brought me to a crossroads. My life changed when I came to know the love and saving grace of Jesus Christ in 1983. I realized that my work was hurting women, not helping them.

Answering God’s call, I now use my experiences and faith to help set girls and women free from abortion by connecting them with positive, life-affirming options. The Heidi Group partners with these women and their families to meet the needs of a crisis pregnancy with practical and scriptural solutions.  I have offered expert testimony in courts across the nation as well as 33 State Legislatures and Congress. My transformation from hardened abortion provider to loving pro-life advocate is detailed in the book, “Blood Money – Getting Rich off a Woman’s Right to Choose.” The ministry has also released two videos,” The Light of Life” and “Abortion Techniques.”

Carol was featured on Life Today:

Join us for Cradle My Heart Radio this Sunday 11-11-12 at 9 p ET for this compelling story of transformation and hope from a witness to the inside truth of the abortion industry.

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