Abortion self-defense or self-destruction?

I love this stained glass image with the motto Faith Courage Devotion. The plaque reads, “To the glory of God and in memory of William Scott Luce 2nd Lieutenant 82nd Battery R.F.A. who was killed in action at Diamond Hill on the 12th day of June 1900 aged 20.” The verse unfurled by the angel above reads, “Be faithful, even to the point of death and I will give you a crown of life.” Rev. 2:10 (photo credit Andrew Dunn)

This lovely and eloquent war memorial puts me in mind of the rhetoric of war being used in the abortion debate, especially as I think about the faith, courage, and devotion of the foot soldiers–the women who are pregnant and in need of help, support, and care.

The news from Michigan this week was an illuminating glimpse into current thinking on abortion rights. I had to look past the posturing and vulgarity to ask if there is any merit to Rep. Lisa Brown’s (D-West Bloomfield) line of thought. Is limiting free and unfettered access to abortion a transgression against a woman–some form or another of rape?

In the minds of many, yes. If you are not in favor of abortion rights for women you are a “forced birther” which equates to enslaving a woman because she would be forced to submit her body to the needs of another for 9 months. That equates to rape because you have taken away her right to consent to what happens in her body. In the case of forced sex, if someone attempts to use her body against her will, she is justified in defending herself, even to the point of taking their life in order to stop them. Therefore she is also justified in taking the child’s life since it takes over her body against her will and she has a right to defend against any and all such attacks.

Following this logic to its end, the abortion-rights advocate concedes that the unborn child is a person, but instead of granting them a right to life as such, sees them as an enemy combatant requiring the state’s cooperation to defend against. Anyone who believes a fetus is a person entitled to protection by virute of its inability to protect itself is….a rapist. And this is essentially the argument of Lisa Brown. In her twisted logic she becomes the brave defender of women and the lawmakers evil villians of the worst kind.

Yet no woman who aborted her child feels like a hero of self-defense. My heart condemned me for that choice for many long years afterwards. We may defiantly refuse to feel any sympathy for the child because we need to believe his or her death was necessary so we could have a future–the life we wanted. But in our heart we know that courage was needed and in choosing ourselves,  on some important level we chose cowardice. And, as the beautiful glass image and timeless truth above remind, if we are faithful in the face of adversity–finding courage somehow, even unto our own deaths, not the deaths of our children, we will be crowned with life.

If you bought into the line of thinking that says abortion is a justifiable homicide it’s not too late to turn that around and start embracing truth. There is hope and help for you. Children are weak, defenseless and utterly dependent on us as their mothers to nurture and protect them for having been placed in our care. We can’t listen to the lies that say our children are our enemies and our destsruction. Children are the way God has planned to give us a future and a hope. Choose life-a choice you will never have to defend where it matters most.

What do you think?

Kim Ketola



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