Death is dead

One of the most miraculous things to me about the power of Jesus Christ is the way he prevailed in the cosmic battle for our souls.

His adversary (and ours) was (and is) a ruthless, hate-filled liar and a vain, preening murderer. We have such a thin grasp on how much he hates us and we take so lightly this life he would so jealously steal if given half a chance.

What did Jesus do in the face of such evil? How did he display his awesome power and might?

He died.

He defeated death by death.

What does this mean for those of us who fear God’s eternal punishment after abortion? There is no cause to fear.

Just believe: Jesus has already won our battle with everything that is seeking to hold us back from having the life he died to secure for us.

It is finished. Come awake!

Kim Ketola



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