Before and After God

Laura Klock – I Am Second.

Laura’s story is not very similar to mine–she lived in the country and I was a suburban girl. She was a popular pom-pom girl and I was the thinker and speaker. She got pregnant at 16 and I was 23.

Yet so many of the words of her story of abortion match up with mine:

Stuff it
dead inside
wear a mask
double life
feeling in control when everything else felt out of control
shut my needs off
didn’t know how to ask for help
drank alcohol
high performance/hiding pain
double life
hidden, tucked away
core of guilt and shame and low self-worth
never feeling good enough
nothing I did changed my emotions

There is also an amazing list of words that come after God entered into her life–what are the After God words in your life?

June 16, 2012

Kim Ketola



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