Michael C. Sherrard

Illuminating abortion from the pulpit on Cradle My Heart Radio week of July 24 In the beginning of healing my grief after abortion, God broke in to assure me that my child in heaven is safe in the Savior’s arms. But it took a long time before I was able to hear a pastor’s voice affirm that knowledge with a […]

Dr. Theresa Burke

Dr. Theresa Burke on Cradle My Heart Radio week of July 10 and July 17 [Updated 10:50 am] Abortion is the intentional taking of an innocent human life. Therefore it is morally wrong. As a result, those who participate will experience a range of emotional reactions including guilt and grief as with any death, and some will experience […]

Francis Beckwith

Cradle My Heart Radio replays our visit with Baylor University Professor Francis Beckwith the week of July 3 Happy Independence Day! On behalf of Cradle My Heart Radio we wish you and your family a happy holiday for the 4th of July. We will return with a live broadcast the week of July 10. Please enjoy […]

Lisa Kratz Thomas

Turning adversity to advantage on Cradle My Heart Radio week of June 26 Lisa Thomas and Kathy Gray come from different backgrounds–one grew up Catholic and the other Protestant. One had parents engaged in ministry and the other spiraled into prostitution and prison. Yet both have found the common ground of redemption after following their very different […]

Lauren Roman

Lauren Roman featured on Cradle My Heart Radio week of June 19 Lauren Roman’s story resonates with so many young women who chose abortion as problem-solving, only to find life issues compounded in the aftermath. Her pregnancy at age 19 threatened her education and future acting career so she went along with a plan that she knew in […]

Camille Cates

Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes Camille Cates on June 12, 2016 Camille Cates is a pastor’s wife and youth ministry leader now serving as Youth Director of Healing Hearts Ministries International. Camille has overcome the fatal mistakes she made in teen relationships so that she is now sharing wisdom with young women on how to […]


Prolife stories in the news on Cradle My Heart Radio week of June 12 Ultrasound continues to tell the story of the reality of life before birth. Two stories this week illustrate the joy of connecting with children in the womb. Patricia Heaton’s screen grab of LEGO’s Instagram birth announcement for the new baby minifigure is so endearing: And […]

Rosaria Butterfield

Rosaria Butterfield featured on Cradle My Heart Radio week of June 12 Rosaria Butterfield was a self-described leftist lesbian professor who despised Christians. Her very high profile conversion is recounted in her video My Train Wreck Conversion and her book Secret Confessions of an Unlikely Convert. It’s no surprise she believed with all of her heart that women […]

Amy Ford

Join us this week for Embrace Grace featured on Cradle My Heart Radio week of June 5 Most churches that advance a pro-life worldview may inadvertently be driving away the very people most in need of that message: unwed and pregnant girls and women. And according to cbn.com there are 13 million of these women across the US, […]

Serrin Foster

Cradle My Heart Radio replays our visit with Serrin Foster the week of May 29 We hope you have a safe and meaningful Memorial Day. We will return with an all new episode the week of June 5. Is it possible to be feminist and pro-life? For some the answer is “yes, but” only if you […]


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