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Why do women choose abortion?

Cradle My Heart Radio with inspiring ideas for creating a culture of life [UPDATE: podcast posted 3-31-14] Recently I posted a movie review which generated a lot of discussion on my Facebook page and Linked In groups. That’s how I met Joseph Stong. Joseph serves as Director of Stewardship and Development for the Catholic Diocese of Savannah. He has

Connecting your story to God’s story after abortion

Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes “Anne” on March 23 [UPDATE: podcast posted 3-24-14] This week’s guest on Cradle My Heart Radio is one of the most articulate voices I have yet encountered to express the hurt and the hope that follow us after abortion. “Anne” is a blogger at Postabortion Journey who chooses to remain anonymous, while

Untangling the threads of a complicated life

Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes Michele Pillar March 16 [UPDATE: podcast posted 3-17-14] Michele Pillar won my heart when I heard her story at a conference a couple of years ago. It’s a story that is both startling and familiar. Her childhood was difficult at best. Her choices reflected the ongoing lack of love that drove

Abortion–what’s truth got to do with it?

Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes evangelist John Barros on February 9th [UPDATE: podcast posted 2-28-14] How far do you go to share your faith on an average day? John Barros has probably got you beat. He’s been willing to stand outside the Orlando Women’s Center abortion facility to have conversations with the people going in

Resolved: to help end abortion in 2014

Cradle My Heart Radio helping make your voice heard I want to take time out this Sunday night on Cradle My Heart Radio to talk about ways we can work together helping to make abortion unthinkable. January marks the 41st anniversary of the legalization of abortion in the US, and thus it’s also the time of year

Wayne Stiles – Next best thing to a trip to Israel

Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes Bible scholar Wayne Stiles [UPDATE: podcast posted 1-6-14] Ah, Israel. The cradle of our faith. The place where Jesus walked. One of the things I so love about our Lord is that Jesus was a master storyteller. We feel we can actually see the characters he so vividly renders in

Abortion addiction? The secret at the heart of women who repeat

Cradle My Heart Radio discussing abortion with a woman who chose it again and again [UPDATE: podcast posted 12-30-13] If abortion is a morally neutral choice, there should be nothing wrong with choosing it multiple times, right? Yet even those who support a woman’s legal right to choose abortion may object to the idea of multiple

Can the Internet save us from abortion?

Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes the team from Online for Life [UPDATE: podcast posted 12-24-13] If you consider yourself prolife, there are many ways to advance the culture of life. We influence as voters, volunteers and voices of hope. Now there is a new model as well: intercepting the internet search process to present women who are vulnerable

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