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Abortion-themed film celebrates our children who never had the chance to dance

Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes Sandy Arena Sandy Arena is a woman on a mission to honor as many individual children lost to abortion as possible. One of the ways she does that is listing over 500 names in the credits of Arise Sweet Sara a new film “for the children who never had the chance to

Seeing the hidden community of people hurt by abortion

Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes Debby Efurd Debby Efurd has a vision. She sees a world where those who have been impacted by abortion are no longer sidelined by the heartache and pain, or hardened by the lie that says it wasn’t even a life. She sees healing. She sees hope. She sees solidarity of

Sarah Mae sharing abortion truth and healing hearts

Cradle My Heart Radio | Sarah Mae interview airs August 23, 2015 Podcast playback. Listen now: Sarah Mae is a friend you’ve just not yet met. She has that warm ability to connect and make our common experiences the stuff that fuels our growth. Sarah is a bold storyteller whose obedience to share her teen

Waiting on God . . . or is he actually waiting on you?

Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes Wayne Stiles week of August 16 UPDATE: [podcast posted 8-18-15] In Waiting on God, What to Do When God Does Nothing Wayne Stiles says, “We want to know God’s plan so that we can trust the plan–but often God hides his plan so that we will trust him.” Based on the Old Testament

Alveda King – Authentic truth about abortion’s aftermath

Cradle My Heart Radio features an encore presentation with noted civil rights and prolife activist Alveda King on Sunday, Dec. 28 Merry Christmas to you from Cradle My Heart Radio! We will be home for the holiday and presenting an encore of our visit earlier this year with Alveda King. It is fitting to welcome her message at

Carol Everett: From Abortion Provider to Prolife Champion

Cradle My Heart Radio airs an encore presentation of our interview with Carol Everett this Sunday August 31 at 9 pm ET  [UPDATE 9-9-14 podcast posted] Carol Everett went from abortion profiteer to a champion profoundly defending life. This is a dramatic story and one that needs to be heard as Carol outlines the strategy and

Alveda King: Ending Abortion by Advancing Life as a Civil Right

Cradle My Heart Radio podcast features civil rights and prolife activist Alveda King. Plus listener mail on how and when to share your abortion story, and overcoming the urge for a replacement chilld. (Originally aired in August, 2014) Defenders of abortion rights often use language that evokes the great struggle for civil rights in America–they speak of reproductive

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