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She experienced abortion, motherhood, and adoption in one pregnancy

Bette Noble

Bette Noble on Cradle My Heart Radio week of Sepember 18 Bette Noble was a grad student when an unintended pregnancy threatened to derail her plans and dreams for her future. She chose abortion. But life had other plans. Forty years later she was awakened from a dream with a cry of, “Mom!” ringing in her ears. The

All our children – miscarriage, abortion and hope

Becky Thompson

Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes blogger Becky Thompson on June 29 at 9p ET/8p CT [UPDATE: 6-30-14 podcast posted] One in three pregnancies will end in spontaneous miscarriage, according to the medical experts at Up to Date. And yet we still don’t know how to have a caring conversation to offer comfort and care to

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