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Samuel Rodriguez: Support for abortion is racist and reprehensible

Rev. Samuel Rodriguez

Reverend Samuel Rodriguez on Cradle My Heart Radio week of September 25 Samuel Rodriguez, president of the National Hispanic Leadership Conference is an outspoken advocate for children yet to be born and their mothers and fathers. He is equally ardent to see Christians of all ethnicities recognize abortion as the preeminent moral priority in politics today. Reverend Rodriguez

Taking the pregnancy help movement to the next level

Leah Jacobson

Leah Jacobsen on Cradle My Heart Radio week of August 28 Pregnancy help centers have been offering women a better choice than abortion for decades, first through peer counseling and free pregnancy tests, and now many with full medical staff and post-natal support. These organizations currently outnumber abortion providers in the US. Yet, women who find themselves facing an

Perfectionism traps women before and after abortion choice

Lauren Roman featured on Cradle My Heart Radio week of June 19 Lauren Roman’s story resonates with so many young women who chose abortion as problem-solving, only to find life issues compounded in the aftermath. Her pregnancy at age 19 threatened her education and future acting career so she went along with a plan that she knew in

A mother’s grief redeemed

Angelia Waite

Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes Angelia Waite October 11 Angelia Waite has a heart for those whose hearts have been broken. Her story includes child loss, a failed marriage, foreclosure of a home, debilitating illness and more. And yet her spirit remains strong as she ministers God’s love to others. Especially painful to Angelia was

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