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No two stories are ever same–and every choice represents a separate need of the heart. But finding God’s love in Jesus Christ may begin as we find ourselves in one another’s stories.


February 2017 stories

2-1-17 Kori – caving to boyfriend’s pressure to abort

2-2-17 Kim- the power of prayer to help restore faith after abortion

2-3-17 Viola – adoption woven through her professional and personal life

2-6-16 April – mom of four saved from aborting her fifth by a pregnancy help center

2-7-17 Kristan – education preventing abortion in the next generation

2-8-17 Sandy – a broken heart healing with the arts

2-9-17 Taylor – God’s grace to her through adoption

2-10-17 Debbie – forgiving leads to abortion recovery and more

2-13-17 Ann – seeing the reality of the evil at the bottow of every abortion changed her heart

2-14-17 Freda – as an OB-Gyn she says #iseetwo

2-15-17 Star – abortion didn’t cure her poverty

2-16-17 Maya Angelou – why she decided against abortion at age 16

2-17-17 Tommitrise – when pregnancy and childbirth empower young women

January 2017 stories:

1-2-17 Beckie – using what God gives to help others give life

1-3-17 Shelley – from neglect to nurturing

1-4-17 Jenna – finding safe haven after avoiding pregnancy decisions

1-5-17 Annie – the real life reality of being a teen mom

1-6-17 Daniela – overcoming more than a language barrier

1-9-17 Karen welcomes children through adoption

1-10-17 Brooke – defying medical odds after surviving cancer

1-11-17 Amy – helping churches help mommas by embracing grace

1-12-17 Serrin Foster – a feminist who says women deserve better than abortion

1-13-17 Phoebe after her pregnancy exposed infidelity, adoption assured her child a home

1-16-17 Callie – helping women talk about open adoption

1-17-17 Bette – her one pregnancy led from abortion to adoption to motherhood

1-18-17 Carrie – overcoming being overwhelmed

1-19-17 Tricia – how her experience at 15 led to being a teen mom at 17

1-20-17 Nicole – she chose life when she received support from a pregnancy help center

1-23-17 Lisa – choosing life when the doctors give up hope

1-24-17 Charity – offering San Antonio women a true choice

1-25-17 Candy – accepting consequences helps avoid blaming God and others

1-26-17 Acacia – sensing God’s purpose when life doesn’t go to plan

1-27-17 Cindy – seeing how betrayal fits into God’s plans

1-30-17 Danica

1-31-17 Madelaine

December 2016 stories:

12-1-16 Lisa – from suburban safety to prostitution in DC

12-2-16 Rosaria: former lesbian gains insight on immorality of abortion

12-5-16 Megan: defending life from science and logic

12-6-16 Abby: former abortion worker helping others leave the field

12-7-16 Elizabeth and Dan: the blessing of children with special needs

12-8-16 Shari: ultrasound pioneer

12-9-16 Janet: helping grandmothers grieve after abortion

12-12-16 Destiny you need not sacrifice your dream or your child

12-13-16 Michele – being a mom of two and releasing for adoption

12-14-16 Dawn – abortion and abuse

12-15-16 Becky – from abortion counselor to pregnancy center founder

12-16-16 Melissa- multiple abortions

12-19-16 Tiffany – the choice that put an upside down marriage right side up

12-20-16 Evelyn and her granddaughter Sophia

12-21-16 Maggie influenced by many others but making her own choice

12-22-16 Jessica providing the needed impetus to change after abortion

12-23-16 Nancy helping moms choose life after a poor prenatal diagnosis

12-26-16 Kelly on building a family through foster care adoption

12-27-16 Sarah Mae on the role of other women in abortion–and in our healing afterwards

12-28-16 Hillary overcoming addiction and choosing life

12-29-16 Cheryl – when Christians choose abortion

12-30-16 Vicky – aborting twins led to a double need for grace

November 2016 stories:

11-30-16 Cynthia: the healing power of a sister’s love

11-29-16 Deb: when you cherish the pain of the past

11-28-16 Lexie: overcoming the perfectionism which may lead to abortion

11-25-16 Melinda: healing the bitter root of blame

11-24-16 Evelyn: affliction as a way of life

11-23-16 Angela: trusting God when there’s a poor prenatal prognosis

11-22-16 Vivian: “Do you want to get well?”

11-21-16 Theresa Burke: healing abortion grief through spiritual retreats

11-18-16 Maryanne: thanking God for an unanswered call

11-17-16 Shelley and Rob: giving baby Noah a chance

11-16-16 Rhonda: after abortion Bible study engenders godly sorrow

11-15-16 Lauren: overcoming the perfectionism at the heart of abortion

11-14-16 Marilyn: A willing heart is a healing heart

11-11-16 Faith Hill: Adoption saved her life

11-10-16 Susie: Multiple abortions cannot negate God’s willingness to forgive

11-9-16 Connie: “You’ll never finish college”

11-8-16 Annie: The true reality of being a teen mom

11-7-16 Francine Rivers: The story behind her stories

11-4-16 Evelyn and Sophia: A grandmother’s influence

11-3-16 Kim: Comfort in Christ after abortion

11-2-16 Maggie: Parent’s influence

11-1-16 Dawn: Finding a true choice just in time

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