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Melissa Ohden: Surviving abortion to shine God’s light

Melissa Ohden

Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes Melissa Ohden February 19, 2017 Melissa Ohden’s story has finally come full circle. She found out when she was a teenager that she had survived an attempted saline abortion. She faced that devastating fact with the help of a loving and supportive adoptive family. But there were many questions about her birthmother and

Abortion as true crime

Ann McElhinney

Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes Ann McElhinney of The Gosnell Movie Filmmakers Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer are outspoken about the challenges of presenting their true-crime drama about abortionist Kermit Gosnell and the media cover-up of his case. Gosnell was convicted in 2013 of three counts of first-degree murder of infants in illegal late-term abortions, and one count

Steadfast in hope after abortion, especially during Advent

Theresa Bonopartis

Theresa Bonopartis has served for more than two decades helping people recover after abortion. Her heart bespeaks God’s love. I first met Theresa in 2003 when I answered God’s call and presented postabortion healing conferences in the Minneapolis area. Theresa reached out to me from her home base in New York to offer support and encouragement.

This dad found life-saving hope after doctors said her pregnancy would kill his wife


Kirk Barker on Cradle My Heart Radio week of October 2 Kirk Barker readily admits that he had no faith in God. And maybe that’s why the faith he and his wife placed in her doctors left them devastated. Kirk’s wife Chass was sick and getting sicker each week the pregnancy progressed. And then the doctors said the

Samuel Rodriguez: Support for abortion is racist and reprehensible

Rev. Samuel Rodriguez

Reverend Samuel Rodriguez on Cradle My Heart Radio week of September 25 Samuel Rodriguez, president of the National Hispanic Leadership Conference is an outspoken advocate for children yet to be born and their mothers and fathers. He is equally ardent to see Christians of all ethnicities recognize abortion as the preeminent moral priority in politics today. Reverend Rodriguez

She experienced abortion, motherhood, and adoption in one pregnancy

Bette Noble

Bette Noble on Cradle My Heart Radio week of Sepember 18 Bette Noble was a grad student when an unintended pregnancy threatened to derail her plans and dreams for her future. She chose abortion. But life had other plans. Forty years later she was awakened from a dream with a cry of, “Mom!” ringing in her ears. The

Envisioning The Party of Life

Ben Domenech

Ben Domenech of The Federalist on Cradle My Heart Radio week of September 11 After abortion people need healing, and politics never healed a broken heart. But I’ve come to see that our hearts are healed as we take up our position to defend and fight for the rights of children yet to be born. Ben Domenech, publisher

Yes, abortion damages mental health

Dr. Theresa Burke

Encore presentation of Dr. Theresa Burke on Cradle My Heart Radio September 4 Dr. Theresa Burke is a board certified clinical psychotherapist who was leading a support group for women with eating disorders when she discovered that every woman in the group had an abortion in her past. [CORRECTION: six of the group’s eight women had abortions.] Dr.

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