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Melissa Ohden: Surviving abortion to shine God’s light

Cradle My Heart Radio welcomed Melissa Ohden February 19, 2017 (Podcast spotlight March 6, 2017) Leave a comment below for a chance to win Melissa’s book You Carried Me, a daughter’s memoir Melissa Ohden’s story has finally come full circle. She found out when she was a teenager that she had survived an attempted saline abortion. She

Jesus actor Bruce Marchiano’s new pro-life film Alison’s Choice

Cradle My Heart Radio podcast with star and producer of Alison’s Choice Have you ever encountered someone who seemed to embody the love of Jesus Christ? Bruce Marchiano is fascinated by these folk and has a heart to bring the spirit of Christ to life through characters like them. He applies his creativity and faith to finding ways

Abby Johnson leading workers out of abortion

Abby Johnson featured on Cradle My Heart Radio May 2016 Podcast playback. Listen now: She spent eight years not only working at and directing a Texas Planned Parenthood clinic, but advocating for their policies, including abortion rights. But then Abby Johnson witnessed the reality of the unborn child’s experience of abortion and everything changed. Her decision to

Francis Beckwith: Human inclusiveness means rejecting abortion

Baylor University Professor Francis Beckwith joins us on the Cradle My Heart Radio podcast Professor Beckwith makes a strong moral and legal case against abortion choice. His approach centers on the idea of human inclusiveness: If the unborn are fully human from conception forward, it is morally wrong to kill them, since they are members of the human

One amazing key unlocks poverty, fatherlessness, HIV-AIDS, abortion, and more

Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes abstinence educator Kim Wilson the week of May 17, 2015 Kim Wilson has a vision for a world where young women of color value and practice abstinence. In such a place a world of hurt has disappeared. Families feature both fathers and mothers, and children enjoy stable homes. HIV-AIDS is

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