Rejecting abortion as a coverup for adultery

Cradle My Heart Today | Phoebe’s story 7-14-17

When Phoebe was leaving an abusive marriage, she sought out comfort with another man. Listen now:

She knew it was wrong, but she had no idea the consequences would include pregnancy.

Phoebe was overwhelmed emotionally, but knew she could not abort.

With the help of a local pregnancy center, Phoebe connected with a counselor who helped her to think things through and make an adoption plan. Phoebe shares her story to help others.

She says, “I made the mistake of having sex outside of marriage. I believe God forgives those sins in Jesus Christ. But how could I destroy an innocent child to cover that up? Adoption works for everyone.”

It’s human nature to run from trouble. But it never works because God and our hearts recall the truth. How much better to accept accountability, turn to God and find a way out of trouble that upholds the cause of everyone involved in an unplanned pregnancy, including the children.

Running from responsibility is a flawed solution at best. Facing the truth makes us right with God and sets us free from guilt and even more future regrets.

But Jonah arose to flee . . . from the presence of the Lord. Jonah 1:3

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