Finding faith to face down pregnancy fears

Cradle My Heart Today | Booke’s story 7-11-17

At 29, Brooke had already survived cervical cancer and—in spite of predictions from her doctors—had given birth to a perfectly healthy child.

However, Brooke got devastating news early in her second pregnancy.

There was something wrong with the baby, and it was possible the child was beyond saving.

Brooke called Heartbeat International to ask about the abortion pill.

The consultant suggested that she visit a pregnancy center before she turned to abortion. “It could be another miracle pregnancy,” the Heartbeat consultant reminded her.

Brooke admitted as a Christian she was embarrassed for having considered abortion, but her fears were met with compassion, acceptance and understanding.

Pregnancy help centers do just that—help.

Circumstances in a difficult pregnancy may seem hopeless and tempt us to trust our fears more than our faith.

In Mark 5 Jesus encountered several hopeless cases in the course of a single day–a madman cutting himself among the tombs, a chronically ill woman, and a dying twelve-year-old. When it appeard the little girl had passed away, many suggested Jesus was no longer needed in the situation.

His response still resonates with the hopeless today:

Jesus overheard what they were talking about and said to the leader, “Don’t listen to them; just trust me.” Mark 5:36

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