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Fast Fact Coercion v Choice – Democrat National Committee Chair Tom Perez doubled down on abortion politics, pledging Friday to only back Dem candidates who support abortion rights. The statement was prompted by backlash from abortion rights activists following Perez’ support of pro-life Dem Heath Mello in a bid for Mayor of Omaha. Nancy Pelosi quickly contradicted the party’s stance. Meanwhile, Ben Sasse tweets for the win.

Fast Fact Grassroots – A piece in The New York Times glows with positive praise for women engaging in underground abortion practices back in the day. The clear implication is that forces are gearing up to revive the practices as “lifesaving” measures. But the author overlooked the conclusion of the abortion industry’s leading textbook–that large numbers of women dying in back alleys is and was a myth. Even before legalization, in the 1960’s very few women died after abortion; improved antibiotics and overall availability of emergency care helped the relatively rare number of women who sought abortions. It’s important to remember abortion is wrong because it is the intentional killing of an innocent human being. There are two lives involved in every unplanned pregnancy, and women need support (and can find it in the pregnancy help movement) to find a solution everyone can live with. To read the grassroots beginnings of the pregnancy help movement, check out Peggy Hartshorn’s excellent book, Footsoldiers Armed with Love.

Dola Sun for BuzzFeed News

Dola Sun for BuzzFeed News

Fast Fact Propaganda – Buzzfeed‘s 41 Things Abortion Providers Want You to Know quotes several providers, many of whom stayed anonymous, defending abortion. Yet not one of them wanted you to know the science of embryology, that from conception forward the zygote, then embryo, then fetus is a distinct, living, and whole human being. One provider repeatedly referenced “removing the pregnancy” rather than acknowledging the presence of another human being in that pregnancy. This is outright deception. Women who are ignorant of fetal development remain so after this sort of counseling. And every single one of these practitioners violates basic obstetrical ethics which recognize the provider’s moral obligation to both patients in a pregnancy.

Fast Fact Abortion enables abuse – Live Action interviewed a former abortion worker who stated Planned Parenthood enables sex offenders to coerce abortion for their child sex abuse victims. Many people remain unaware of the unethical and questionable practices abortion providers may engage in. Lila Rose says, “When I went undercover into Planned Parenthood posing as a victim of statutory rape, staffers didn’t report the crime. Instead, they told me to lie about my age and said I could get a secret abortion.” Former manager Sue Thayer stated that Planned Parenthood routinely sends little girls back to the arms of their sexual abusers:

Fast Fact Scam alert – Beware of a group called the National Campaign PAC which is soliciting through telemarketing. The group’s call begins with questions about whether you are pro-life or not. The American Spectator reports that there are extremely troubling accounting issues and “these unknown groups, who have taken pains to hide their identities and obscure their conduct, were running a massive moneymaking scheme off unsuspecting small donors that continues today.” Read it all here. Bottom line: before you give to any cause do your homework.


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