Olivia Pope’s teachable moment ABC’s Scandal portrayed an abortion in network prime-time last week, and the reaction was swift and predictable. Progressives and abortion rights advocates praised the episode, hailing a frank portrayal of an empowered woman aborting because she simply didn’t want a child. Conservatives called it propaganda for Planned Parenthood. And Christians uniformly expressed disgust over setting the […]


What is the impact of a single act of kindness? And how much sweeter is offering kindness after recovering from our brokenness and loss? The title song of our EP Let Love Love You is the capstone of what it looks like to live the life redeemed by God’s love. The opening track Miracle tells the […]

The Cook's Adoption Fund page at gofundme

Sidewalks, signs, and statistics making news There’s a sharp contrast to a pair of stories in the news this week concerning our public sidewalks. In one case, Ohio’s Otterbein University students propose a scheme to buy the public sidewalk in order to censor a pro-life group whose message makes them “unhappy.” This follows a campaign […]

Dr. Bill Lile

Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes Dr. Bill Lile Dr. Bill Lile is a physician on a mission to use the visual technology of modern obstetrics to reveal the personhood of preborn children. His medical training helps him model and teach that life begins at conception, and thus abortion is intentionally taking a life before birth, which […]

Kori Peterson

Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes Kori Peterson Kori Peterson’s story is one of a good girl from a good home who somehow lost her way by simply choosing to give her too-young heart to the wrong guy at the wrong time. When she found herself at Planned Parenthood for the abortion she continued to be wonder […]

Angela Bennett

Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes Angela Bennett Angela Bennett has dedicated the last two decades of her life to saving women and couples from abortion. In her role as CEO of SCV Pregnancy Center she has a first-hand look at those who are most vulnerable to making that choice. This is her vision of what the […]

Cheryl Korb O'Connell

Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes Cheryl Korb O’Connell Cheryl Korb O’Connell is a professional counselor whose shortcomings motivated her to learn about the inner workings of our hearts and minds. She pursued her studies as a direct result of coming to terms with the pain of her past. Cheryl was a churchgoing believer when the unplanned […]


Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes Briana Stensrud from Focus on the Family Briana Stensrud is Focus on the Family’s Director of Sanctity of Life and Community Care Department and she joins us to talk about #ShoutYourAbortion on Twitter. The hashtag was started in September by activists Lindy West, Amelia Bonow and Kimberly Morrison as a response to calls […]

Angelia Waite

Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes Angelia Waite October 11 Angelia Waite has a heart for those whose hearts have been broken. Her story includes child loss, a failed marriage, foreclosure of a home, debilitating illness and more. And yet her spirit remains strong as she ministers God’s love to others. Especially painful to Angelia was […]


Here’s why a Christian cannot support any organization which engages in the taking of innocent human life It all sounds so reasonable. Some Christians say, “Poor women need basic reproductive medical care; they may need the ocassional abortion. The compassionate thing to do is provide it at low cost and redeem it by donating the […]


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