Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes Scott Klusendorf speaking on The Case for Life If you’ve ever felt intimidated when trying to defend your views on abortion, I hope you’ll join us this week. Scott Klusendorf knows every abortion argument in the book. He has approached the subject in scholarly debates centered on philosophy, theology, public […]


 Here’s the logic of being prolife from philosopher Stephen Schwarz Professor Schwarz, Ph.D. (Harvard) teaches Philosophy at University of Rhode Island. He defends the traditional pro-life argument: It is wrong to intentionally kill an innocent human being. Abortion intentionally kills an innocent human being. Therefore abortion is wrong. If you agree with the first two […]

Sister Joan Chittister, O.S.B.

Sister Joan Chittister has some explaining to do CORRECTION: An earlier version of this post attributed words to Sister Joan Chittister which where not her own. The quote has since been removed. We apologize for the error and any harm which may have come to Sister Joan’s reputation as well. Someone asked me to respond […]

Fr. Frank Pavone

Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes Father Frank Pavone the week of August 2 We’ll welcome Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life to Cradle My Heart Radio to talk about the Planned Parenthood baby body parts investigation, and what it means for those of us who may be grieving a child lost to abortion. […]

Kim Ketola

We can know the truth about abortion and when human life begins . . . to have value Tulsa International Airport was quiet this morning as I made my way inside. I headed for a somewhat remote corner to a cart rental unit. The guard behind the Event Information counter looked happy to see some traffic. […]


Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes Gosnell Movie filmmaker Ann McElhinney and Dr. Freda Bush When filmmaker Ann McElhinney was granted an interview with Kermit Gosnell on background for The Gosnell Movie, she didn’t expect to be seated without a plexiglass barrier, or even a table to separate them. You do not want to miss Ann’s chilling account of […]

Cynthia Ruchti

Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes Cynthia Ruchti the week of July 19 Let’s talk about the true healing of our hearts after abortion Cynthia Ruchti had a simple revelation that led to her new book Tattered and Mended: the Art of Healing the Wounded Soul. As she sat to write she was struck with this truth: […]

Kim Ketola

Let’s talk about abortion in the news this week Here’s my take on another weird week for abortion in the news. Three stories illustrate how shifting standards drive us back to the truth. First, we have former President Jimmy Carter declaring that he believes Jesus would support abortion in cases of rape and incest (as […]

Melissa Hemphill

Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes Silent No More Awareness Campaign speaker Melissa Hemphill When we launched Cradle My Heart Radio in 2012, a large part of our mission and vision was to create a safe space to share our stories. Now helping us fulfill that mission is our partnership with the Silent No More Awareness Campaign. The […]

Star Parker

Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes Star Parker This week we are continuing our coverage of the Selma Project for Life. This initiative calls on the Alabama Department of Health to enforce the law and investigate the abortion business of Samuel Lett who is alleged to be operating an abortion center without the proper licensing and […]


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