Debby Efurd

Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes Debby Efurd Debby Efurd has a vision. She sees a world where those who have been impacted by abortion are no longer sidelined by the heartache and pain, or hardened by the lie that says it wasn’t even a life. She sees healing. She sees hope. She sees solidarity of […]

Sarah Mae

Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes Sarah Mae week of August 23 Sarah Mae is a friend you’ve just not yet met. She has that warm ability to connect and make our common experiences the stuff that fuels our growth. Sarah is a bold storyteller whose obedience to share her teen abortion experience has helped over […]


 Here’s the logic of being pro-life based on human rights Feminism has become the default worldview, and in some ways we all have benefitted—equal opportunity in education and employment is a good thing! But to say abortion is a women’s rights issue assumes the unborn is not also a human being deserving of equal rights […]

Image by D Medina

 Here’s the logic of being prolife in the midst of uncertainty President Obama once said that determining when a fetus gains human rights was a question above his pay grade. And in its Roe v Wade decision making abortion legal, the US Supreme Court said we don’t know, can’t know when human life begins to […]

Wayne Stiles

Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes Wayne Stiles week of August 16 UPDATE: [podcast posted 8-18-15] In Waiting on God, What to Do When God Does Nothing Wayne Stiles says, “We want to know God’s plan so that we can trust the plan–but often God hides his plan so that we will trust him.” Based on the Old Testament […]

Web MD From Egg to Embryo slideshow

 Here’s the logic of being prolife from the life of Jesus Why am I pro-life? Because Jesus was a zygote. It can be difficult to grasp that an organism no bigger than a dot is a human being deserving of dignity and protection. But if we wouldn’t suggest killing toddlers as a way to solve […]


 Here’s the logic of being prolife from The Holy Bible Why am I pro-life? Because the Bible tells me so I’ve often heard believers say that since the Bible is silent on the question of abortion, it is simply a matter of conscience. But that’s a logical mistake. In his excellent essay Does the Bible’s […]


The surprising thing one pastor did after seeing graphic abortion images for the first time. Hear it on Cradle My Heart Radio. If you’ve ever felt intimidated when trying to defend your views on abortion, I hope you’ll join us this week. Scott Klusendorf knows every abortion argument in the book. He has approached the […]


 Here’s the logic of being prolife from philosopher Stephen Schwarz Professor Schwarz, Ph.D. (Harvard) teaches Philosophy at University of Rhode Island. He defends the traditional pro-life argument: It is wrong to intentionally kill an innocent human being. Abortion intentionally kills an innocent human being. Therefore abortion is wrong. If you agree with the first two […]

Sister Joan Chittister, O.S.B.

Sister Joan Chittister has some explaining to do CORRECTION: An earlier version of this post attributed words to Sister Joan Chittister which where not her own. The quote has since been removed. We apologize for the error and any harm which may have come to Sister Joan’s reputation as well. Someone asked me to respond […]


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