Jason Jones

Cradle My Heart Radio  welcomes Jason Jones Jason Jones is joining us this week to share his story of how abortion can make victims of men. Jason suffered lost fatherhood in a devastating case of forced abortion involving his high school sweetheart. He’ll also share the hope embedded in his story: even after suffering the painful […]

Catherine Davis

Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes Catherine Davis discussing abortion and race October 26 Catherine Davis is a community activist and human resources professional who has a heart for black women and families. Her message is that public health statistics prove abortion is disproportionately impacting women of color, and most especially black women. Catherine has spoken out […]

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Cradle My Heart Radio featured an important conversation on God’s judgment and abortion on our most recent program. At the center of our understanding of judgment is our need to understand God’s heart. We can know where we stand through the knowledge and application of His word. Last night our Cradle My Heart Radio guest, Carla […]

Cradle My Heart Radio guest Carla Stream

Cradle My Heart Radio  welcomes Carla Stream A young woman went online to announce her plans to abort her Little Thing. As her open letter went viral, she is being lauded for her “brave” expression of love towards her child. No schoolyard bully was ever granted such willing bystanders as abortioneers have in pro-choice feminists. But abortion […]

Tonier Cain

Cradle My Heart Radio  welcomes Tonier Cain subject of the award-winning film Healing Neen Many of us remain broken throughout our lives due to the reality that we are childless as a result of our choice for abortion. I know the pain of that grief firsthand, and I also know the joy of restoration God […]

Allison Bottke

Cradle My Heart Radio  welcomes Allison Bottke October 5 If you had the benefit of a mom or grandmother, perhaps an auntie or other wise woman to give you advice as you grew up, you are truly blessed. How can you measure that influence? I still recall my mother sharing a particular bit of wisdom […]

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Cradle My Heart Radio will tackle the battle for hearts and minds this Sunday September 28 As abortion industry practices shift, let’s discuss why it’s so important to win hearts and minds on abortion. We must make it not just illegal, but also unthinkable. According to John Ensor: Unthinkable is the best word to describe it because […]

Michelle Borquez

Cradle My Heart Radio  discusses the central spiritual dilemma after abortion: How can a holy and just God simply forgive the willful destruction of life that happens with each and every abortion regardless of how difficult it may be for the ones who choose it? [UPDATE: podcast posted 9-22-14] That question lies at the heart of […]

Sue Badeau

Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes Sue Badeau September 14 at 9p ET/8p The old joke goes that the father of a large family finally got fed up when someone asked if he and his wife had planned on having their six kids. “Not really,” he said, “But at least we’ve finally figured out what’s causing […]

Pamela Christian

Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes Pamela Christian September 7 at 9p ET/8p [UPDATE: podcast posted 9-9-14] When I was hosting my daily talk show on Faith Radio I used to get calls from listeners who would say, “The Bible doesn’t even mention the word ‘abortion.’ Therefore, it’s just a matter of individual choice.” Maybe you’ve […]


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